Marriage ceremony at Mariam Mosque

Mariam Mosque welcomes couples from Denmark and abroad who would like to get married at our mosque. We conduct both same faith and interfaith marriages. Before we can arrange a marriage, couples are required to:

  1. Know each other more than 3 months and be married legally under the law where they live in.
  2. Book a time for a pre-conversation with one of our imams. Remember to bring your marriage certificate*.
  3. To read and accept Mariam Mosque’s marital contract.
  4. Write a letter to our imamahs to introduce yourselves and the story of your relationship.
  5. Inform whether the families are aware and approve of the marriage. If not, Mariam Mosque offers conflict resolution for couples and families.

*You can book a pre-conversation by writing an email to us at or by sending a text message to +45 51 70 03 93. Appointments for pre-conversation are held on Fridays between 11.00 and 17.00. The cost for a marriage ceremony at the mosque is 800 kr. This donation is only to maintain the mosque as everyone works voluntarily.