Sherin Khankan. Lecturer, author, columnist and activist. Sherin holds an MA. in Sociology of Religion and Philosophy from University of Copenhagen and Specialized in contemporary Islamic activism in The Middle East. Sherin also learnt Arabic language at Copenhagen University, Cairo and Damascus University and Islamic spiritual care, Copenhagen University, Faculty of Thelogy. Other than acting as an imamah at Mariam Mosque, Sherin is founder and CEO of The Exitcircle, an NGO which provides self help-groups for people subjected to psychological violence.

As author Sherin has published “Islam and reconciliation – a public matter” (2006, Lindhardt and Ringhof, DK), “Islam and Muslims- Religion-Culture-Society” (2010, Pantheon, DK), “Paradise lies under the feet of the mother” (2011, Haase & Søn, DK), “La Femme est l’avenir de l’Islam- Le combat d’une Imame” (2017, Stock, France), “Women are the future of Islam” (2018, Penguin Books, UK).

Aliah Ali. Muslim feminist with background in Muslim Family Law in Malaysia. Aliah believes in the reconcilability between Islam and human rights and Islam and women’s rights. Through her involvement with Mariam Mosque, Aliah aims to bring the issues of Muslim women’s rights to the frontier of Islamic and rights discourse in Europe.

Mavish Ahmad. Phd. holder in state violence on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Mahvish is also the co-convener for the Cambridge Critical Theory & Practice Seminar Series and co-founder and partner of the Critical Pakistan Research Cluster in Cambridge with Arif Naveed (Cambridge). Besides her PhD degree, Mahvish is an independent journalist and political organizer.

Amina Elmi. Danish-Somali poet and imam. Amina aims to raise awareness of Islamic tradition and its historical connection to spirituality and art. Through Amina’s involvement with the mosque, she aims to create a space to highlight female voices in the classical text cannon and the recitation of the Qur’an.

Hasib Nasiri. Philosopher, lecturer and activist. Cand.mag. in Philosophy from the University of Southern Denmark. Hasib specializes in modern Islamic political thinking and the philosophy of religion. Among Hasib’s focus, which he carries out as a guest lecturer at Mariam Mosque’s Islamic Academy, is to promote Sufism and Islamic humanism through the presentation of a number of canonical figures, including Al-Ghazali (1058-1111), Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (1207-1273), Hafiz Shirazi (1315 -1390), Mirza Abdul-Qadir Bedil (1642–1720) and Sir Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938).

As a lecturer, Hasib has lectured on various modern political thinkers and ideological currents in the last 200 hundred years of Islamic history in Denmark’s various universities based on ideology research.

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