Mariam Moskeens Advisory Board

The Mariam Mosque has an external advisory board that provides the mosque with knowledge and insight on Islamic philosophy, Sufism and Islamic feminism, among others. Our Advisory Board comprises an external group of Islamic researchers from various educational fields from Denmark and abroad, providing the Mariam Mosque with unbiased knowledge. While our Board of Directors focuses on governance, the Advisory Board contributes knowledge, insight and advice to the board without any governing power.

Saer al-Jaichi. Saer el- Jaichi har en Phd. i islamiske studier og er tidl. ekstern lektor ved Københavns Universitet. Han har speciale i Islamisk/Arabisk filosofi og kritisk tænkning. Saer el- Jaichi er ekstern gæsteforelæser i Mariam Moskeens Islamiske Akademi (MIA) og er en del af moskeens Advisory Board. Saer el- Jaichi er ansat som postdoc ved DIIS.

Hasib Nasiri. Hasib Nasiri er dansk-afghansk filosof og foredragsholder. Han er specialiseret i politisk filosofi og islamiske studier med særligt fokus på moderne islamisk politisk tænkning og islamisk teologi samt relationen mellem europæisk og islamisk tænkning i moderniteten. Hasib er ekstern gæsteforelæser i Mariam Moskeens Islamisk Akademi (MIA) og er en del af moskeens Advisory Board.

Farhan Shah is a doctoral research fellow in Islamic Studies at the University of Oslo, Norway, and Islam-consultant at the Center for Process Studies (CPS), Claremont, California. Shah’s doctoral dissertation revolves around Muhammad Iqbal’s reconstructed concept of Islam, with special emphasis on Iqbal’s dynamic concept of God, the human self, and cosmology. As a consultant, Shah advises the CPS on contemporary approaches in Islam, the philosophical system of Muhammad Iqbal, and prospects for eco-humanistic and psychologically healthy interpretations of Islam.