Advisory Board

The Mariam Mosque has an external advisory board that provides the mosque with knowledge and insight on Islamic philosophy, Sufism and Islamic feminism, among others. Our Advisory Board comprises an external group of Islamic researchers from various educational fields from Denmark and abroad, providing the Mariam Mosque with unbiased knowledge. While our Board of Directors focuses on governance, the Advisory Board contributes knowledge, insight and advice to the board without any governing power.

Saer al-Jaichi.

My current research focuses on the theological underpinnings of contemporary jihadism with emphasis on the interplay between the ideological and political-strategic considerations, interests and internal divisions that have shaped the jihadist movements in a more trans-national and expansionist direction for the past three decades. My focus is particularly on modern interpretations that legitimize and encourage the strategic – and notably violent – conception of jihad as a doctrine of global warfare, which has played an increasingly important role in modern times, both in the West and in the Muslim world.
Saer el- Jaichi har en Phd. i islamiske studier og er tidl. ekstern lektor ved Københavns Universitet. Han har speciale i Islamisk/Arabisk filosofi og kritisk tænkning. Saer el- Jaichi er ekstern gæsteforelæser i Mariam Moskeens Islamiske Akademi (MIA) og er en del af moskeens Advisory Board. Saer el- Jaichi er ansat som postdoc ved DIIS.